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i like to be at home. i live with many families: the monsteras deliciocas, the fluorescent cartoonlike erasers from the one euro shop, the porcelain doggies, the plush care bears (yes they have first and last names). i like to hear the rain fall on the leaves of the red beech that sprouted out of nowhere on the small plot of ignored land, which i feel is my unkempt garden. last march it snowed against a backdrop of yellow forsythia blossoms. i like to think that this garden is a reflection of my emotional landscape: overgrown, vibrant, buzzing with lil' fuzzies (or: bumblebees), bushy, thorny, mostly hidden. making art has been a quest into accessing that landscape, and creating pathways between her and other ones. i have shown my paintings, drawings, and performances at, among other spaces, tent (rotterdam), the moth (st. martensvoeren), kunstverein tiergarten | galerie nord (berlin), hbk galerie (braunschweig), ar/ge kunst (bolzano), ausland (berlin), ex-embassy (berlin), kunstvereniging diepenheim (diepenheim), uqbar (berlin), extrapool (nijmegen). i studied painting at akv st. joost in breda and was researcher fine arts at the jan van eyck academy in maastricht, both located in the south of the netherlands. i'm part of performance duo the skills and i was visiting lecturer at the university of arts in braunschweig. some more shit to come. lil' fuzzies keep on buzzing. x

my curriculum as pdf

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