s v d

through painting, drawing, writing, and performance, i currently question hierarchies and vulnerabilities in relation to the body. i am interested in the body-object as a sensual prism that simultaneously reflects, amplifies and negates desire. i use my own physical presence and voice as plastic materials to investigate the body as a political and symbolic entity, assumed into normative categories such as gender, ethnicity, neurotype, or class.

by engaging in tactile practices (paint, sew, move, play, whisper, stim) i aim to erode anxieties, once projected onto my body/me, thereby undoing their oppressive internalization.

i uplift familiar objects, extracted from a spatial and emotional proximity (mostly clothes but also 80s pop, a kitchen sponge, plants), which i then repeat and rework until their recognizability has faded out and shifted into an unfamiliar landscape, open to new understandings.